That’s My Bestfriend

I do not have a particular format for my writing but sometimes I am inspired sporadically.

There are not a lot of people in this world that you can call on any time of the day.  Some people think that best-friends have to be joint at the hip.  Luckily for me my favorite friends, my best-friends do not think like that.

I met her in third grade.  She had this really big hair and mocha skin.  She was in another class, different from me, but I didn’t stay at that school to get to know her that year. However when I came back in the fourth grade, her wavy hair was across the hall from me in my aunt’s fourth grade class.

My best-friend is as sweet as can be.  She is the glue that keeps us all together.  She is so smart, very intelligent, eloquent, down to earth, genuine, and just an all around great girl. No wonder she was voted “Most Popular” in high school.  The conversations that we have are humorously never-ending.  I don’t talk to her everyday but when I talk to her we pick up without skipping a beat.

One day I called my friend in tears. I felt lost.  I had hit a wall in my marriage and really did not know where I was going to go.  My best-friend said, “Come stay with me for a couple of days.”  I cried, I drank, I slept, and she forced me to eat.  That is what a best-friend does.  They listen to you when you are facing a crisis in your life.  No judgments! No questions! Just simple, unconditional love.

I met best-friend number two at church.  We did not attend the same school, just sat in the same Sunday school class.  She was different from my other friends.  I did not see her everyday, only on Sunday, but I had her phone number.

To my surprise and delight, she was in my class in the sixth grade.  The things that she and I share are very rare.  She knows more than some.  We don’t talk everyday either, but when she calls, I’m all ears.

My best-friend is real, no holds barred, my ratchet brain, and my heart.  In my world as a teenage when things made absolutely no sense at all, she completely understood.  Some days it would be just me and her for hours at a time.  Talking with our crushes, three-way calling, rolling in the Lumina, keeping each others secrets.

One day my best friend needed me.  Her life was suddenly interrupted.  She texted, she called, I answered.  A joyful weekend turned into me holding my sister’s hand.  I jumped in my car, drove two hours to sit with her until I heard her say, “I’m okay.”  She wasn’t really okay, but she gained a little bit of strength in our presence.  Today, almost two years later she can finally say, “I’m okay, it hurts a little bit, but I can rest now.”

This is the tale without the gripping details of my two best-friends.  My best-friends are my rational mind, when I’m being irrational.  They are my safe place when I have no voice. They are my backbones when I’m feeling weak.  They know me better at times than I know myself.  They are my loves, and to them I am forever grateful.

Be the friend to others, that you would want for others to be to you.



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