Stepping out on Faith


Recently I have been dibbling more into my writing and feel that it is time that I put some of my thoughts, experiences and words on paper.  I have always loved writing but now that I have finished my first project that is based on events from my teaching career and lessons that I have learned, I’m super nervous.

It’s like all the time I was talking to my close sorority sister and friend everything was exciting and now I’m terrified and full of questions.  Now most days when I wake feeling fabulous, I think I’m pretty fearless, but the criticism and rejection to my ideas has me stalled.

I have created characters named Sade and Will in the past but was told by a co-worked when I was in the Air Force that I had a long way to go if I ever wanted my book published.  Hindsight is 20/20 so perhaps when I was 21 wanting to be a published author that must have been more than his 40 year old brain could fathom.

Now here I am 13 years later finished and scared.  This is not a bucket list item, something for me to check off and say I have done.  I would actually like to make my living from writing which I’m sure in due time will happen.

I can’t disclose too many of the thoughts about having a writing career, but right now as I’m trying to decide on self-publishing and submitting my work to a publishing company I’m torn because I really want PERFECTION, after all this is my name.

Copy-writing, formatting, royalties, series, real-life events are running through my head and it makes me wonder if this is how Eric Jerome Dickey, Alice Walker, Toni Morrison, Wahida Clark, Ashley Coleman, Bee Bee Moore Campbell, and Terri McMillan felt.  It is tough being creative and want your words to come to life when they are read by others or come across your work.  I want to leave mark in some form, shape, or passion.  Everything I do and commit to is heartfelt…that is my impression!


2 thoughts on “Stepping out on Faith

  1. Creative Chameleon

    It is always scary. There are multiple moments of doubts and regression, but your passion will not lie dormant. I love you and I know that your words will meet the minds that it is intended to meet and it will miss those that are not ready to receive it!


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