Trusting the Process

At 3:00 in the morning my world came crashing down on me and I had to figure out what I was going to do.  Having to decide not to go on living a lie to protect your image is a big deal.  Packing up your belongings, friends coming to help you move all while anxiety is running up and down your back is the most stressful and emotional feeling you could ever experience.stressed-black-woman

You’re sad because what you had, has now fail and you are faced with making decisions by yourself.  The comfort and input from the one you promised to share your life with is no longer a necessity and you are walking through life scared and uncertain.  When you are at your lowest is when you learn how to TRUST the PROCESS.

We make so many plans for our lives that we become inundated in how we thought life was supposed to be.  We place expectations on ourselves and others that often lead to disappointment and our attachments to others weaken.  So once we begin to accept things for how they are, the 3:00 in the morning wake-up call symbolizes our rock bottom.

Feeling the lowest of the low is a hard place to crawl out from, but you have to have faith that everything will come together in the end.  Be vulnerable enough to face your fears and channel energy that will pull you from the clutch of disparity.

It is hard to face failure and accept that your plans were interrupted by life.  But life has that crazy way of shaking you up to shift complacency and contentment.  When you are comfortable it is easy to turn the other cheek, say yes when you really want to say no, and go with flow when your intuition yells at you that something is wrong.

When you finally realize you have been living an “eyes wide shut” life, the process to change begins.  Becoming more in touch with your strengths and weakness make you a better person. You will cry, you will lose sleep, you will eat uncontrollably, or stress to the point of not eating but that is apart of growth.  The many emotions you encounter when facing change begins to resemble the processes and methods you’ve learned when you attended school.

Your life becomes an anticipation guide for what might happen.  You make predictions and draw conclusions based on patterns to ultimately find solutions to your problems.  All of that fancy education suddenly makes sense and you become distracted while working through your dilemmas.

If we never experience anything bad in our lives, we’ll never understand the seasons and reasons that things happen.  Trusting the process means that for everything bad thing that happens in your life can and will be worked out for your good.

Symbolically, 3:00 in the morning is the most bizarre time to receive bad news but it becomes your awakening.  When you should be sleeping, you are faced with making life altering decisions.  It only takes one major stir to shake things up. You can find your strength along the recovery and rebuilding your life making decisions that are most beneficial to your well-being.

Trust the process! Laugh at the confusion! Embrace your growth!

~LaTilya Rashon


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