Creating Substance, Not Stuff

Sharing your gift with the world is personal.  You are deciding to open yourself up to rejection even though we prefer to be accepted.improve-500 We have to be cautious with our words while simultaneously speaking from the heart and share our truths.  Written expression is a sure and powerful way to relay messages that are heartfelt  and free of ambiguity.  There is no right or wrong formula to say what you feel, but you have to create substance in your writing consistently and not just stuff for people to glaze over. What do mean to say?  How will you organize your thoughts?  Is what you’re saying even making sense? Do people care to read what you have written?  If you don’t know the answers to these questions, it is possible to be simply creating stuff as a way to produce content that will not leave a lasting impression. The sad reality about creating your niche is that there are times when you will not want to fully express what you are going through.  That is okay to keep that to yourself, because when you choose to let the emotions pour, people will have made assumptions about what you’re doing anyway. So what is substance?  That is the material you know, love and have close attachments to.  It is what your heart understands, and the feelings that make you drop what you are doing to wallow in those emotions.  Pouring yourself completely into your work because you know someone, somewhere needs the power of your words.  Don’t just write stuff based on temporary feelings that are reminiscent of your authentic self.  Write for impact! Share for fulfillment!  Create to be long lasting! Truthfully you must over deliver to not be underestimated.  Revisit your passion and ask yourself a few questions.

  1. Am I staying true to what I do?
  2. Why do I do it?
  3. Am I fulfilling my mission?
  4. How am I making myself better?
  5. Am I meeting the needs of my audience?

There is always room for improvement and to get better.  Continue to check yourself to be sure you are producing substantial content.  In order to grow, you have to experiment and stick to your core and heart of hearts.  Pour your heart into your content that way there won’t be any room for complacency. ~LaTilya Rashon


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