Guard Your Heart, It is the Source of Life

Making decisions require an enormous amount of thought because temporary feelings lead to disaster.

03-guard-your-heartThe ego makes you think you need affirmation and support from everyone around you when in actuality you need to support and affirm yourself.  The mind makes you wonder why others around you are more loved and received than you?  When you should focus on the quality of your life and be concerned with your well-being.

We wear our feelings on our sleeves and sometimes our faces making us more vulnerable to “frenemies”.  We need to guard our hearts against bad intentions and learn to love ourselves more.  There is nothing like pouring your heart into a situation then ending up empty.

The first time I got married, I was 21 years old and clueless about true love. Unconditional love and commitment stalled after eight years and decided to take on a new life.  My heart was shattered.  My life was turned upside down.  I had never felt so weak and lost in my life. It was at this moment I began to learn that love starts with self, and it was my job to guard my source of strength and life.  When I hit my emotional rock bottom, I learned that my heart would carry me through life as long as I took care of myself first.

I had to make emotional deposits into my mental in order to learn that I deserved better.  I had become consumed in a temporary life, and poured so much of myself into if that I lost who I was.  The many disagreements eventually drained my spirit and I found myself stuck.  Stuck between knowing it was over and figuring out how to move on.  Emotional distress hovered over my blood chambers and caused anxiety, nervousness, doubt, and insecurities.  The love I had for myself became overwhelmed by uncertainty and I was completely exposed emotionally.

Then things slowly began to change. I had to regroup.  I had to refocus.  I had to commit to myself and making my mental, physical, and emotional self stronger.  I had to put a guard around my heart to block what was bad for me so that I could be a better me.  My life is more valuable than my circumstances, and I have had to learn to think with my head and not my heart.  Not that I have become emotionally detached from everything and everyone.  I have just decided to be more cautious with who I let into my emotional space.

The heart wants what the heart wants, good and bad, which is why guarding your source of life in vital.  You have one life to live and it should be filled with love, peace, happiness, passion, and fulfillment.  That does not mean there won’t be some critical days and hardships.  It just means that because I have the power to shut out anything that does not benefit me, and know that in those tough times I’m not consumed by uncertainty.

Guarding your heart is deep and spiritual.  Your life is what you make it.  So be not consumed by things you cannot change.  Embrace the life you live and make an honest effort to live and be good.  The person you strive to be, will attract like minded people. Guard your heart from people that only show up when it is convenient for them.  There is a fine line between being helpful and hurtful.  Your help could be hurting you in the same process and the person benefiting from your help is gloating.  At all cost and with caution, protect and guard your heart because it is the source of your life.

~LaTilya Rashon


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