Creating, Launching, and Consistency

photogrid_1472169372469.jpgI am reading everything under the sun about blogging, monetization, products and services and I’m OVERWHELMED.  I am literally asking myself what in the hell is going on in this industry?

One blogger says they have the guide to help you blog consistently.  Another talks about the three things she wish she would have known when they first started blogging.  Then you have the author and blogger who wants to help you turn your blog into a business.  I can barely keep up on which direction to take because these women are so insightful.

Then there is the thought of workshops, e-courses, master classes, e-books, and other electronic resources that you are prompted to create, all with their help.  But I have to ask, how can I get your help when I don’t know what I truly want to create or if I want to create anything at all.  I have so many ideas in a day as I peruse through other websites and admire the designs and layouts.  I feel like I am doing something wrong, then I remember that initially my blog was just my online escape.  I had never thought about taking it to the next level until I published my first piece of work  (July), My Fourth Year in Middle School: The Truth About Teaching.

Just as I am getting overwhelmed and thinking that my design is not eye-catching enough and I spend time shuffling themes and background colors, I remember that I’m truly just getting started (I created a wordpress profile in March).

The facing burnout while working a 9 to 5 is not a problem.  What I’m dealing with is feeling inadequate in this market and industry.  So as I go back perusing, “market researching”, and begin to see a variety of layouts, formats, products and services, I say that now I have completely missed the mark.  That is until another blogger says save your money because there are some things you don’t need a branding coach to tell you.  Now that completely contradicts most of what the others offer in their products and services.

Man all of these blogs on how to blog, what to do, what not to do, and how to gets noticed go on forever. I want to make money and become my own boss, but damn reading all of this makes me feel like I’m doing it wrong.  I be like what in the hell am I doing wrong?  Now here is the tea on why this bothers me!  I want my stuff to be right, standout, easy to read, and appreciated.

Some of the tools used on these blogs for visual effects, these pretty little tiles for blog titles and other images blow me away.  I want these pretty little tiles and powerpoint like slides as well.  Then I think maybe I should look at these free e-courses to see what they have to offer, but decide against it as decide that I have to do me!

My words are here because these are the one million thoughts I have in a day.  My book is alive because I took the time to write it.  My website is available because this was my second attempt to establish my presence and find my niche (read The Meaning of TilyaRealEyes “The Educated Butler” and my sweet spot.  I am a lover of words and I want others to love my words as well.  That’s why I blog!  I’m transparent and authentic in my confusion.

Creating is not a problem, neither is consistency but I’m seeing the same material over and over again.  Create, branding, launching, official launching, products, services, email lists, and consistency.  In pursuit of consistency, I’m reaching a broader audience, but I would love to see it all come together sooner than later.

I can respect the process, because what looks like perfection to me as I view others, has been a long time in the making.  I am a creator…I have launched…and this wave will continue.  I’ll get out my feelings for now, because I see that some of my favorites are constantly changing their looks and how they present content too.

But sometimes I feel like I don’t know what I’m doing…but I continue anyways.


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