People Hate You for the Way Other People Love You

People Hate You for the Way Other People Love You

I would be lying if I said that the past few weeks have been easy.  I was moved into a different classroom and was told short notice in a passerby fashion as if I couldn’t have an opinion about it.  I reconciled those feelings and did what I had to do which brings me to here…


I have said it before and I will say it again, as long as your opinion agrees with the actions, words, and all the other stuff that sheds positive light on you (speaking in general), people find ALL FAVOR in you.  But as soon as you disagree with those same things…in comes the FAULT.

Sometimes I feel that we overcompensate to save face, but it is completely okay to fall apart and say that you are not okay and I am just going through some things.  But what is not okay is for someone to speak on your vulnerabilities in a demeaning manner to incite fury.  Misery loves company is such a cliche, but we learn the meaning of that phrase when you do the work on yourself and you begin to confuse people.

See I made the mistake of being over the top in my actions, words, and behavior that made me an easy target before, but once you learn to put those childish things aside and handle things the adult way, people don’t know how to handle you.  

So now I introduce all the ways people love you. There are some true ride or die relationships, friendships, and families in this world that totally get who you are and why you are the way that you are.  So for all the reasons why people hate you here you go…

The ride or dies have:

  1. Watched you grow up since childhood and know all sides of you.
  2. Congratulated you on getting married even when they thought it was a bad idea (The 1st time).
  3. Fawned all over your children because they were excited you became a mommy.
  4. Encouraged you when you were overwhelmed with school because they knew you were driven enough to get it done.
  5. Supported you when you transitioned careers stepping into the unknown, but knowing that you were going to BE GREAT!
  6. Wiped the tears from your eyes when you felt like your life was falling apart. (DIVORCE)
  7. Helped you pick up the pieces of your life because they knew you deserved better. (I GOT REMARRIED)
  8. Calmed you down when you completely LOST your SH*T! (With no JUDGEMENT; Nobody is perfect.)
  9. Held your heart in the palm of their hands when you felt misunderstood.
  10. Never used your weaknesses against you because they know your TRUE HEART.

All too often, people pick a side of you that they think is who you really are, when in actuality, depending on the person, it might have been a bad day…or they didn’t realize there are some people that put you in a BAD MOOD and make you ILL.

Regardless to the opinions of others that have no significant value in your life…and I am sure we can all make a list and check it twice… we all know that there will always be people who love you unabashedly and will have your back and call you on your stuff whether you like it or not.  But when you have a good heart people see beyond the covert actions of others and embrace your authenticity.  

Your light will shine bright no matter how people feel about you because when you are ignited from within, no one can steal your shine.  So people will HATE you for the many reasons people LOVE you.

Be who you are! Be intentional and sincere.  People will love you for your GOOD qualities all day long.  Having a good heart, with clear intentions will get you further in life… Keep Living and Keep Doing Good!

I Am Who I Am!


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