Short Stories-No Strings Attached: Charli and Tristan Part 3

Charli and Tristan: This Is Happening


When Tristan kissed Charli’s forehead she felt a rush that she had never felt before.  She wanted to understand why his touch on her skin felt different than from her boyfriends in the past.  She had so many thoughts going through her head but she followed his lead.

Tristan knew that taking this step with Charli could complicate things but he wanted her and had prolonged his desire for her for a long time.  The stress of everything going on with his family was starting to get to him, and he broke up with his girlfriend.

He was not with Charli as a buffer, but he respected her and knew that she had feelings for him just as he did for her.  When her shirt hit the floor he proceeded to slide her soffe cheerleading shorts down, leaving her standing completely exposed down to her underwear.  He kissed her forehead again and told her to slide back on the bed.  They could still hear the music playing from the television as all of the late night love songs lingered in the air.

Tristan had a look on his face that said he would be gentle.  He climbed up on the bed, still wearing his jeans, but hovered over Charli kissing her lightly on her lips.  She quivered because there was a chill in the air and she was slightly nervous to be taking this step with Tristan.  She looked in his face and said, “I love you Tristan, please don’t hurt me.”

This was happening.  He inched back off of the bed, pulled his pants down and reached for a condom.  Charli watched his every move just taking it all in because he was not rushed.  He climbed back up to her and slid her panties off.  He looked down at her and said, “Are you sure?”  She nodded her head as he leaned forward and kissed her on the collar bone.  His hands were warm as her body continued to shiver.  Tristan took his time because he could feel her nervous energy.

He planted light kisses on her face, nibbled at her neck, and kissed her breasts as though they were precious gems.  He looked her deep in her eyes as he lifted her legs to position himself comfortably between them.  He felt her body tense.  Tristan knew that Charli was not a virgin, but he could tell that he had a major effect on her by the way her body responded to his touch.

Charli relaxed a little more as she felt Tristan explore her body.  She admired his pecks and his chocolate skin because they were completely naked.  Tristan felt her vagina tighten as he worked himself inside of her.  He found his rhythm.  Not too hard. Not too soft.  Just enough to hear a whimper escape Charli’s lips.

He continued to look deeply into her eyes, not changing positions because for him this was the first time he had made love to girl.  All of the other times he had had sex, he was in and out.  No taking his time, get one off and be done.

It was evident in Tristan’s mind that he had deeper feelings for Charli than he wanted to admit to himself.  Just as he felt himself on the verge of climaxing, he reached under Charli’s hips, grabbed her ass, and stroked deeper inside of her.  The temperature was rising.  Charli was panting and just as Tristan felt himself exploding, the condom broke.

He slid out of Charli with a look of panic on his face.  “Tristan what’s wrong”, she asked feeling the same panic.  He looked at her and said, “I’m sorry, but the condom popped.”

To Be Continue


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