I Want Your Soul: Mind, Body, and Emotions

Love is a funny thing. Everybody no matter how they fight it or receive it wants to be love, cherished, and appreciated.  You will have many loves in a lifetime but how many of those loves will actually teach you something that will last a lifetime?

You may love someone’s smile.  You might love their conversation.  You will love their style of dress.  Personality will most definitely win you over too.  But let’s dig a little deeper and go beyond the surface level of love and really discuss what your kind of love looks like.

There are plenty of books out there that talk about love, love languages, sacred relationships, and intimacy.  As individuals we believe in soulmates.  We believe in feeling complete when in a fulfilling relationship but often times we meet the representatives without really meeting the person behind the façade. Not knowing the person claiming to love you unfortunately leads to disaster. However, when the conversation change and you mature, you realize you want someone to speak to your soul not just your body.  You want someone that sees you beyond the physical and feeds your mental.



Your mind travels many places in a day.  You remember the good times and you remember the bad times but intellectually you want a mate that is stimulating.  Have your own skill set and be good at the things that you are good at, but show interest in the things that your mate likes.  When you are able to keep your clothes own and feel stimulated without any physical touch you may have struck a goldmine.  Conversation about your likes and dislikes, places to visit, past experiences, lifelong learning, and future aspirations will keep the relationship thriving.  Sharing your vulnerabilities, deepest thoughts, and inner most desires while looking someone in the eyes takes impeccable strength.  It is not easy to express yourself without hesitation when you have had so many bad experiences in the past.  But when the conversation is not rushed, and develops organically the mind opens up so the soul is being captured.



Sex is sex so let’s not get it twisted.  However, when you reach a certain level of comfort with someone the levels of ecstasy grow.  Having a stimulating conversation that makes your erotic zones tingle takes the physical connection deeper.  A new sexual partner is a mystery.  A new relationship takes time to get fully comfortable in, but when true chemistry exists, each experience is new no matter how many times your bodies connect.  That is a true expression of love.  Vulnerability of your heart carries over into every aspect of your interaction with the opposite sex when you are open to new situations.  When you are giving of your body to someone you are completely comfortable with, there is no limit to what you will do.  Even the good book says (of a man and wife though) that the bedroom is undefiled.  Capturing your mates soul ultimately leads to intimacy and if the connection is genuine the physical interactions will be explosive.



H-Town had one of the best songs ever with the signature line, “emotions make you cry sometimes”, but that line is so true.  Rather coincidental or by design meeting someone that awakens your senses pushes you beyond your comfort level.  You find yourself smiling more, thinking more, and anticipating one on one time like you have never experienced before.  I am sure that with age comes wisdom and maturity, but that is not always the case.  Sometimes you’ll meet the right person at the wrong time, you’ll meet the right person for the season of change in your life, and you’ll meet the right person at the right time.  In all of these chance meetings in life, you are supposed to learn something that you hadn’t experienced before.  You’ll love the wrong person with immense intensity, you’ll love someone because they seem like the right fit for your life in that season, and then you’ll truly love someone and the essence of their being.

I don’t think there are a lot of men that speak on capturing your soul to love and to have but when they do speak in such a manner pay attention to their actions.  It’s like the Dead Prez song “Mind Sex”

It’s time for some mind sex, we ain’t got to take our clothes off yet

We can burn the incense, and just chat

Relax, I got the good vibrations

Before we make love let’s have a good conversation

If he shows you he wants your soul, not pressuring you, and taking his time to get to know you perhaps it is beyond the physical.  Build the friendship…enjoy the situation…don’t let your soul mate dissipate…

I want your soul…teach you a few things…learn from you…see where this goes

I want your soul…all of you… mind, body, and emotions…

~LaTilya Rashon


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