Passive Income and Business Sense

It has taken me a while to get this post out but I’ve been playing with the words in my head until it all came somewhat together.

The road that I travel as a single, mother of two, educated, teacher, self-published author and entrepreneur is not easy.  Some days I just want to say I’ll work my job for 30 years then retire and halt all of my creative ideas.

One morning I woke up with tears pouring from eyes and the overwhelming feeling of LIFE consuming me. It put things into perspective and I said to myself, “I have to get my business in order”, because calling into work while dealing with a family crisis is not my idea of a good start.

I need more clarity and while I watch, study, and YouTube other entrepreneurs and take in the tidbits they have to offer, I am reminded that this is not a race.  I have to create, discover, and discuss in my own lane and too often as a creative there is a certain amount of pressure to always deliver.

I speak a lot of times on my business in my mini-blogs on my IG (@tilyarealeyes) and FB (LaTilya Williams) but I don’t get into a lot of detail about what my business entails. Maybe I should!

As far as passive income goes while reading I have decided that I want to work on that in the months to come especially since one of the top passive income ideas is books.  But what exactly is passive income? My passive income would be considered my book because I get paid repeatedly for work that I completed once.  I push my book My Fourth Year in Middle School: My Fourth Year in Middle School to the point of feeling exhausted.  Although the concept of my book is good, I can admit that my marketing behind my book is/was lacking.  I now must go back into that book and pull out my content because next June is going to be really BIG for me. I’ll announce that later.

Passive income in affiliate market skipped me and that is something that I just don’t get and can’t quite get a hold of.  So I won’t talk anymore about something that I don’t get.  But I can say that once I invested in myself and got into network marking, that has fundamentally been the best thing popping.  LOL!  A failed attempt at drop shipping let me know that that business was not for me but I have yet to give up on my multiple streams.

Creating an online course as passive income stays on my frontal, but now being back in school I just feel that I don’t have enough time to focus on the type of class that I want to create.  Lets just be real, the idea is for me to earn an income while I sleep, so I’m not rushing my process.  I’m taking everything in and relying on my common sense to lead when it comes to my business.

I read a quote that said, “Everybody is so busy posting their wins instead of their failures.”  I find that sad because social media has us thinking that everything creatives produce is a win straight out the gate.  I have since realized that my plate is full and everything sincerely and truly takes times.

I will continue to cultivate my passive income ideas…writing services, books, and network marketing.  I will continue to feed my frenzy to try something different.  I will keep believing in myself and everything that I set out to accomplish.  I won’t ever stop designing a life that I want to live because at the end of the day I don’t want to leave this earth thinking about all of the things that I should have done.

I have since learned that I have to build up to my next title and create a buzz EARLY!  I have to be smarter in this department this go around so that I can capitalize more on my message.  Stay tuned, for that writing is underway.

So as I prepare for these next steps in my career, life, and journey I am so excited.  I never thought about my writing as passive income but this next book, 12 Ways to Survive Teaching is sure to ignite souls and have you look at teaching from a humorous perspective.

The reality is I want to be good at everything. I don’t just want to be a book you read once then place on the shelf. I don’t want to be name only mentioned here and there, I want to be a guru if you will in my own right. I never thought about the power of passive income until I began to do my research. Now I must be a smarter business woman. It is truly all coming together and I feel it.

I took the leap before I was ready and now I must overdeliver. I have a timeline and I will excute!


Creating Substance, Not Stuff

Sharing your gift with the world is personal.  You are deciding to open yourself up to rejection even though we prefer to be accepted.improve-500 We have to be cautious with our words while simultaneously speaking from the heart and share our truths.  Written expression is a sure and powerful way to relay messages that are heartfelt  and free of ambiguity.  There is no right or wrong formula to say what you feel, but you have to create substance in your writing consistently and not just stuff for people to glaze over. What do mean to say?  How will you organize your thoughts?  Is what you’re saying even making sense? Do people care to read what you have written?  If you don’t know the answers to these questions, it is possible to be simply creating stuff as a way to produce content that will not leave a lasting impression. The sad reality about creating your niche is that there are times when you will not want to fully express what you are going through.  That is okay to keep that to yourself, because when you choose to let the emotions pour, people will have made assumptions about what you’re doing anyway. So what is substance?  That is the material you know, love and have close attachments to.  It is what your heart understands, and the feelings that make you drop what you are doing to wallow in those emotions.  Pouring yourself completely into your work because you know someone, somewhere needs the power of your words.  Don’t just write stuff based on temporary feelings that are reminiscent of your authentic self.  Write for impact! Share for fulfillment!  Create to be long lasting! Truthfully you must over deliver to not be underestimated.  Revisit your passion and ask yourself a few questions.

  1. Am I staying true to what I do?
  2. Why do I do it?
  3. Am I fulfilling my mission?
  4. How am I making myself better?
  5. Am I meeting the needs of my audience?

There is always room for improvement and to get better.  Continue to check yourself to be sure you are producing substantial content.  In order to grow, you have to experiment and stick to your core and heart of hearts.  Pour your heart into your content that way there won’t be any room for complacency. ~LaTilya Rashon

I Have Had Plenty of Doubt

black African American ethnicity stressed woman suffering depression at work

When I first separated from the Air Force in 2007, I was bright eyed, bushy tailed, and eager to take on civilian life.  I was confident that my resume was a banger and I was going to conquer the world with my charm.  Then the reality of job searching sank in, and a month into “career” hunting I began to wonder if I was good enough for the jobs that I was applying to when all I could think about was writing.  My brain was always on auto pilot, thinking and creating imaginative tales.

I have tried many things in my short time on earth…34 years…and in everything I have done in the back on my mind I had a million questions.  I’ve believed in black and white all of my life which is why the yearning to put things in black and white print means something to me.

I used to write in my journal during my first marriage (2003-2011) but my journal thoughts were stolen from me when my husband decided to read my intimate passages and views on life.  When that marriage began to crumble in the summer of 2008, I had doubts about love, happiness, family, and security.  For eight years my life revolved around one man and our two children.  I wrote all of these things down in a new journal that I kept hidden from him because no matter how true your words are for you, it would be hard for someone to know that you hated the thought of being home with them.  Things were not bad the entire time, but the bad outweighs the good and I totally accept my responsibility for the dysfunction that lasted as long as it did.

As I wrote through my constant doubts of family, I took on a new role as an educator.  I asked myself  many questions to help my thought process.

  • Will I make an impact?
  • Will I be good at teaching?
  • Will my students like me?
  • How will I get along with my colleagues?

I had doubts about the career change and as I worked through many misunderstandings and nuisances, I continued to keep a running memo.  Embarking on my doctoral journey I heard, “You gone degree yourself out of a job?”  More doubt surfaced because I began to think about the possibility of being over qualified for jobs.  Then the yearning and urging to write became more prevalent.  That memo of rejection began to grow because everything I have poured myself into was being met with opposition.  The memo turned into a book and while I’m satisfied with the outcome. In comes the doubt.

  • Will my book be liked?
  •  How can I garner as many customers as some of the authors I love to read?
  • Am I to be taken seriously about my writing?
  • Will people read and like my message?

Doubt and fear will cripple your ambition.  The thought of writing, doing something different but yet the same, just taking it to the next level makes me nervous.  Being subjected to rejection as I was in my first marriage has at times paralyzed my writing. Being rejected with my blog makes me cautious because the competition is fierce.  You click a twitter username, follow the links to a blog page and the flood gates open.  How to do this better, how to do that better, top tips for job searching, my list of zig zags, and the brilliancy and creativity goes on and on.  I have had plenty of doubts because I want to stand out in a big sea that is full of fish.

The doubt does not keep me from trying anyways, it helps me sort out my thoughts, my endless list of things to do, blog notes, sticky notes, celebrations lists, tweets, pins, facebook, and instagram posts.  I don’t doubt that I’m good, I don’t doubt that I’ll be great. I have had plenty of doubts about next steps, so until then I’m sifting through my stuff to create substance.

~LaTilya Rashon

Independent Author of My Fourth Year in Middle School: The Truth About Teaching